Changing Focus on Business and Personal Activities

Now that I’ve announced a (sort of) semi-retirement – I’ve been having a good time mixing in a few diverse activities with the continual tap-tap-tapping on a keyboard. I still love and am active in affiliate marketing but seem to have much more “freedom” since backing out of the role of affiliate manager.

I’ve gotten to fly my Ercoupe more this fall than since I bought it four years ago. That, in itself has been worth the change of status. I’ve gotten involved in learning to dance (a colleague named Asif was an inspiration) in a style called Hand Dancing and have joined two dance clubs that are active here at the beach. I’ve also gotten on a weight-loss routine, which is simple and “painless” with a program called Lose It! I’m  lovin’ it because it works [very well] for me. I also realized that I’m loving life right now and want it to last a bit longer.

On the business side I’ve been more relaxed now that I am no longer co-managing the checks program. I am proud to have gotten them kicked off and functioning and having them be the influence for the growth of a much larger set of programs. But I am very happy to get back to being just an affiliate and get back to my roots of selling hotel reservations which I’ve been doing since the year 2000. I also had a blast, starting in 2007 by selling business checks and personal picture checks – for other companies – as an affiliate. Those “affiliate days” are back, with a couple of new sites in development, and I am a happy camper. I also started a new merchant site for zoo animal checks, which is sort of a “hobby” site because it features only photographs of animals on checks that I personally shot.

However, with over a dozen years experience in all aspects of this industry, I also get occasional requests for advice. I don’t quite understand why – I’m not all that good – but must have some people buffaloed. LOL With that in mind I started a small consulting and performance (affiliate) marketing business and named it – High Noon Performance Marketing (because I already had that “killer” domain name).

‘Nuff for now…

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