Fabricated Unlikelihood Of A Sunflower In Love

Heart-Shaped Sunflower Manipulation

The other day I went out shortly after sunrise to catch two small fields of sunflowers with my camera. I did mange a couple of nice shots and one “interesting” image that I grabbed from an oblique angle. It might have been fine by itself but I imagined a reflected image creating something more. So I fired up Photoshop Elements and flipped the right side over the left and voila – had a heart-shaped sunflower. Had it been red instead of yellow I might have had the makings of a Valentine’s Card. While I don’t mind taking a different view I don’t want to mess with Mother Nature too much (like making a yellow flower into a red flower). 🙂

Sunflower HeartWhile it is somewhat heart-shaped it also has some other possibilities. I posted the image over at Fine Art America and asked for suggestions. Wow! I was both surprised and impressed with the variety of images seen within this sunflower. Some were rather remarkable and insightful – and gave me a new perspective on what I had created.

To read all about it (and to see a larger version of this image in more detail) click on over to my online gallery at US Pictures dot com. Either click the photo above or click: http://www.BillSwartwoutPhotography.com.


BTW, the title for this post was gleaned from a suggestion by RG Kernodle Art.
BTW #2 – Camera used was an Olympus E-M10 (mft) with a 40-150mm m.Zuiko Lens.

Model Railroad Photo or the Real Deal CSX 9029

So…a few days ago I posted this image of CSX 9029 on a railroad interest group on Facebook and it attracted a ton of comments. Many of them claimed it was a photograph of a model railroad setup and, consequently, did not belong on the “page.”

What do you think of this photograph of this CSX 9029 Locomotive? Real – or a model?

CSX 9020 Locomotive at the Locust Point Yard

You just might have to click THIS LINK to find the rest of the story.

Please leave a comment to let me know what you think…

Foray into the Abstract

Abstract Art Exhibit at the Ocean City Center for the Arts? Me? A photographer? Yup!

Abstract photogrephs by Bill Swartwout
AQUA (upper right) and Space-Time Continuum (lower left) are my photographs.

I haven’t done any abstract art for presentation or sale in over three decades. But the last time I did I won a ribbon in the prominent Havre de Grace Art show. I did an extreme close-up of the inside of a large flashbulb. Remember those things? Y’know, flashbulbs, were the light source for “flash” pictures – long before the popularity of electronic flash.

AQUA - Abstract Photograph by Bill Swartwout

When I learned that the Art League of Ocean City had “Abstract” as the theme for the October Gallery Exhibit I had to do a bit of thinking. Then, just like that Frisbee that kept getting larger in my line of sight, it hit me. Yes, I have some interesting photographs that fit the style. I enjoy taking objects that we see – and presenting them from a “different” point of view. So I entered two photographs for the exhibit and they were both accepted. Among dozens of local artists and Art League members – only one other photographer submitted – and one of her pieces was not accepted (not really an abstract). That is good to know, as a new member, that someone actually vets the submissions. Not quite the same as a “juried exhibit” but a good process, nonetheless.

Abstract Photograph by Bill Swartwout
Space-Time Continuum

My two submissions are shown above – but they appear much different in place. One (AQUA) being produced on stretched canvas and the other (Space-Time Continuum) being matted and framed for presentation.

Abstract submissions strecthed canvas and matted-framedMost of my recent photographs are available in my online gallery at www.USPictures.com.