Ocean City Calendar of Sunrises, Sunsets and Waves

My “Ocean City Sunrise, Sunset and Surf Calendar” is now available for sale at Zazzle in three sizes (I like the medium). Zazzle usually offers a “discount code” at the top of each page. CLICK this link to order:

Here is the Facebook header with mini-images for each month.

Ocean City Calendar

This calendar is available in three sizes (I like the medium the best) and you can even change the way the dates pages look. The medium size “Sunrise, Sunset & Surf Ocean City Calendar” is spiral bound and measures 11″ wide by 17″ high when open.

I use Zazzle for print-on-demand fulfillment. They produce a quality product and offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee. They also (from time to time) offer a “Free Shipping for a Year” program. In addition, as long as I’ve been using their website, Zazzle nearly always has a discount code at the top of each page. The discount is usually in the 15% to 20% range. That make these calendars a pretty good deal – if you like Ocean City or if you like sunset, sunset and waves photographs.

Dune Fence at Fenwick Island State Park

Sometimes being at the beach can produce interesting photographs without actually shooting the ocean.

Fenwick Island Dune Fence and Shadows

I didn’t go to the water’s edge because there was so much salt spray I didn’t feel comfortable being there with my cameras. I explored and shot a variety of fence and shadow patterns and picked this one to share.

To see more of my work please visit BillSwartwoutPhotography.com.

Flags for Heroes Fill a Field and a Need

The need is, of course, to help spread the patriotism that is Memorial Day in the United States. We should all remember those who fought and sacrificed to provide and maintain the freedoms we all enjoy. These 450+ American Flags surely impressed many thousands of drivers as they passed by. I know they impressed me. The sight was both awesome and humbling.

Flags For Heroes in Easton MD

The Easton Rotary Club sponsored their “Flags for Heroes” at the Talbot County Community Center, just north of Easton, MD on the south side of Rt. 50. I just had to pull off the highway to capture a few shots of this incredible¬†display.

I also want to share this wonderful project and have made this image available as an art print at Bill Swartwout Photography.