Coastal Collection vs. Rolling Stone and Bill Swartwout Photography

Indian River Bridge graces the cover of Coastal Collection.

“…the thrill that’ll gitcha when you get your picture on the cover of the Rolling Stone.” (1972, Dr. Hook, written by Shel Silverstein)

My guitar playing will never get me on the cover of the Rolling Stone but my photography has gotten me close. One of my popular Indian River Inlet Bridge photographs is the front/back cover of the prestigious Ocean Atlantic Sotheby’s International Realty “Coastal Collection” magazine.Coastal Collection Magazine w Narrative

I am honored to have my photograph of one of my favorite places, the Indian River Inlet Bridge, grace the cover of this popular and sought after local magazine. Ocean Atlantic Sotheby’s International Realty is the premier real estate firm of coastal Delaware, from Lewes to Fenwick Island.

I do live here and I enjoy helping to promote my love of the area through my photography endeavors.  Hopefully, my images of this wonderful place will help others learn more about why we love living here.

Ocean Atlantic Sotheby’s International Realty
Coastal Collection Magazine Online
My original “Sunset Under the Indian River Inlet Bridge


Indian River Bridge at Twilight Prints

This is one of my personal favorite prints – so I guess I am not surprised that it is also among my best selling art photographs. This was captured at twilight, as the title implies, from the southern bank of the Indian River Inlet about a half mile inland from the Indian River Bridge, itself. It had been produced as prints in varying sizes, it has been ordered with a variety of frames and mats and also in an array of stretched canvas sizes.Indian River Inlet Bridge at Twilight
Indian River Bridge at Twilight Photo Print by Bill Swartwout Photography

Don’t worry – whatever you order does not have any watermark. I only do that with my online samples for a bit of internet security.

Framed Sample of the Indian River Bridge at Twilight

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Fabricated Unlikelihood Of A Sunflower In Love

Heart-Shaped Sunflower Manipulation

The other day I went out shortly after sunrise to catch two small fields of sunflowers with my camera. I did mange a couple of nice shots and one “interesting” image that I grabbed from an oblique angle. It might have been fine by itself but I imagined a reflected image creating something more. So I fired up Photoshop Elements and flipped the right side over the left and voila – had a heart-shaped sunflower. Had it been red instead of yellow I might have had the makings of a Valentine’s Card. While I don’t mind taking a different view I don’t want to mess with Mother Nature too much (like making a yellow flower into a red flower). 🙂

Sunflower HeartWhile it is somewhat heart-shaped it also has some other possibilities. I posted the image over at Fine Art America and asked for suggestions. Wow! I was both surprised and impressed with the variety of images seen within this sunflower. Some were rather remarkable and insightful – and gave me a new perspective on what I had created.

To read all about it (and to see a larger version of this image in more detail) click on over to my online gallery at US Pictures dot com. Either click the photo above or click:


BTW, the title for this post was gleaned from a suggestion by RG Kernodle Art.
BTW #2 – Camera used was an Olympus E-M10 (mft) with a 40-150mm m.Zuiko Lens.