Shark Attack in Ocean City Caught on Camera

This shark attack in Ocean City, Maryland, was obviously more man-made than provoked. The corner of the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not building has a huge Great White Shark that appears to have attacked the corner of the structure. It evidently left the waters of the Atlantic Ocean during an extremely high tide and jumped high enough to crash through and become stuck in the walls of the building – with its head lunging high above people on the Ocean City Boardwalk and its tail waving toward the beach.

Ocean City Shark Attack
Shark over the Boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland

Ripley’s large mechanical shark slowly lunges back and forth where everyone can see it. However, I doubt many beach-goers feel threatened by this shark attack because he (she?) has be struggling to free itself of the building for many years, day and night, all year ’round.

Golden Shark in Ocean City
Golden Shark in Ocean City, MD

I imagine that thousands of beach-goers get pictures of this mechanical shark attack every week during the summer season. However, few of those photos are as dramatic as these. I thought I would put mine in the mix and offer them for sale in my online photography gallery at

Photo taken with Nikon D3200 and AF-S Nikkor 55-200mm zoom lens.

Went Fishing the Other Day

cottonmouth in derickson creek

Caught a warm spell and decided to go fishing for a change. Also had a warm rain so there were night-crawlers on the blacktop driveway for easy picking – so I had an easy and free supply of bait.

Packed a sandwich and some “libations” and headed for the shore of Derickson Creek. It was over on the Delaware State Park side near a marshy area. I set up my tackle and proceeded to feed the fish a nice supply of earth worms – I’m not really much of a fisherman – and soon ran out of my supply of bait.

I figured I would enjoy some lunch and a drink while figuring what I would do with the rest of the afternoon – when I spied a cottonmouth (water moccasin) snake nearby with a small frog in its mouth.

cottonmouth in derickson creekWell, frogs also make good bait and I knew the snake couldn’t bite me with a frog in its mouth. So I quickly grabbed the snake close behind its head, deftly pulled the frog from its mouth and tossed it into the bait can. The problem then was – how to let go of the snake without letting it bite me. Hmmm…I grabbed my bottle of Makers Mark (good Kentucky bourbon) and poured a good sized shot down the snake’s throat. We’ll he rolled his eyes and went limp – so I released it back into the marsh. Problem solved.

I baited the hook and tried to feed the frog to the fish. But, being larger and tougher than a worm, the frog lasted quite a while and I began to get some serious nibbles on the line. But all of a sudden I felt a nudging/bumping on my leg. Wouldn’t ya know – that dang snake was back – with two more frogs.

(Sorry 🙂 )