I Want to Make a Photo Book

Yes, I want to explore the possibility of using some of my photographs to make one of those “Coffee Table Books.” You know, the glossy photo book that just sort of sites there – waiting for someone to pick it up.Montage Book

I looked at a couple of sources (there are several) online and just never got past the demo. I can’t envision taking all day to upload and rearrange and create and recreate pages and then pay a bundle and hope the book looks good.

Today I found an alternative. Well actually, an alternative found me. I received a “recruiting email” for my affiliate marketing business and, because of the topic, I decided to take a look. Well, the demo looked VERY interesting and the process appears to be almost on autopilot. Once I choose the photos I want to use and get them uploaded they, MontageBook, will get them all arranged for you in an attractive display. You do have the option to make changes with simple drag and drop motions. Here’s what they say about building the book:

“Your photos are auto-magically placed into the best layout. It’s like hiring a professional.”

The price is not an arm and a leg either. The small book starts at thirty-nine bucks – $39. It is supposedly created and delivered within four days. (I plan to find out.)

Guess what I’m going to work on this weekend? Yup. Take a look and let me know what you think of the site. I’ll get a book created soon and let you know what I think of the process.

Disclaimer (required by the Federal Trade Commission, FTC): Yes, I signed up as an affiliate of their program. If you click a link here and make a purchase I will earn a small commission. However, the item(s) will cost you no more that if you go directly to their site.

Give them a look-see. Click here NOW: Montage Photo Books

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