Resigned as Moderator at ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum

As a follow up to my opening post –It’s about time…to move on…to here* – I realized I needed to let go of something to gain some “free time.” In examining priorities I had to consider where my time might best be spent, so on Tuesday I resigned my Moderator position at ABestWeb (ABW) the large marketing forum where I’ve been active for the last six years.

At one time ABW was once considered the “standard” in the affiliate marketing industry. However, as with most forums today, ABW is faced with a serious decline in “serious” activity because of the dilution of social media (industry blogs, Facebook and, yes, even twitter.) Figured I might as well start my own blog – about my affiliate marketing experiences over the years. Then I can at least monetize some of my rants…that I would normally be posting in forums – and, in effect, “giving” my narrative to them to monetize. No “sour grapes” about my time being a Mod at ABW, and I do plan to remain (somewhat) active there – as a plain ol’ member – as long as the current leadership does not undergo drastic changes.

Narrative is what brings people to a website. I figure I have some experiences to share – that someone may find either interesting or useful. Life experiences (yeah, I have been around a while – let’s just say I recently celebrated the 30-something anniversary of a 30-something birthday), job experiences (from when I had a day j*b), and even online marketing experiences. The fun part of life experiences and the affiliate marketing experiences should provide a few narrative opportunities.

* I imagine that opening post will eventually become the “About” page.

It’s about time…to move on…to here

It’s time for me to re-align some priorities. I need to take more time to have fun.

Last Friday I was having fun mowing the yard at our beach home. I was having a good time – the day was ideal – so I even cut our neighbor’s entire yard. The yards always looks so nice when freshly mowed. Now that’s not a real big deal – compared to what some of you may mow (or not) – but I realized I need to be outdoors more. We’re not getting any younger and I don’t want to see the world go by – only at 1366 x 768 pixels on this ol’ Sony. So I decided to resign from one of my volunteer activities, one which involved several hours per week, every week. My new-found free time will be put to good use – for ME.

Yep, that’s me in the header picture, but that’s not my airplane. That AT-6 “Texan” was a World War II fighter trainer – and costs waaay too much to rent, fly and maintain. For my R&R in the sky I have a “less expensive” antique airplane, a 1946 Ercoupe (pictured below).

Ercoupe Takeoff
Ercoupe taking off from Runway 28 at Harford County Airport (0W3) in Maryland.

I am occasionally asked if an airplane as old as mine is safe to fly. My answer is usually a question, “How do you think it got to be this old?”