Painted Lady Butterflies at Bayside

Near our home in West Fenwick there is a large beach community, “Live Bayside,” with bay access called The Point, and a nature trail through a marsh at water’s edge. It is a great place to go for a walk, expecially if one remembers to take a camera. 🙂

At the entrance to the nature trail is a flowering bush – in full bloom- that had attracted some colorful winged critters, including a couple of these butterflies.

Painted Lady Butterfly with open wings.
Painted Lady Butterfly with open wings.

Interested in gathering nectar, or whatever cocktail they sip from the blossoms, this li’l guy* seemed oblivious to the camera. So I snapped a couple dozen shots as he* moved from one perch to another. A couple of the photos turned out better than I had hoped and they aroused my curiosity – as to just what kind of butterfly I saw – because they seem prevalent in our neck of the woods.

A search on Bing for butterfly images revealed far to many (27+ million) to try a visual match. While I could have looked for an identification rubric I thought I would first turn to that “all knowing” Internet source – known as Facebook. I do have a couple of friends, a few of whom (I know) have knowledge of butterflies. Sure enough – one post, with a picture, yielded responses from four people who narrowed it down to a Painted Lady. A Bing search for Painted lady Butterfly images yielded perfect matches for the above image.

Painted Lady Butterfly in West FenwickWhile Facebook may have been the tool I used to find an answer, please keep in mind that the answer itself was provided by real people. In this case they are people that I not only “friend” on facebook but actually know and with whom I have been friends (in real life) for many years. Many thanks to Debbie, Lisa, Shannon and Sue for helping me out.

* Guy? He? OK, so I was interested in determining the gender of this particular butterfly – and found all sorts of “guides” online. I determined, however, that it was a “he” – a “guy” butterfly – by simple observation. Huh? Yeah – he did NOT stop to primp before having his picture taken. Plain and simple – not a female. 🙂 🙂

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