Printing Photographs on Canvas at a Discount

The technology has existed for quite some time and is now very refined. Prints on canvas are beautiful and long-lasting. The better companies use archival canvas/coating and archival inks, pigmented or traditional dye-based.  The better firms produce quality results, short turn-around time and secure packaging.

However, that’s been a while and I have heard some good reports about newer companies who, like Avis, claim the “try harder.” I am about to try one or two of these companies for my own work and I have joined them as an affiliate. So (DISCLAIMER HERE) if you click a link on this page I may earn a commission and it costs you no more; nor does it influence what I say about a company.

There are a couple I am going to try. I already know the quality and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee of the company that does my art photography (gallery at printing and fulfillment, but there are times I need a canvas print – without it being from my gallery, or not being something I care to show and/or offer for sale to the general public..

Fall Banner - 300x250
Easy Canvas Prints says, “Our prints are giclee prints made from archival inks. The canvas is a cotton-based material. The finished product has a semi-gloss surface.”

Easy Canvas Prints offers 25% off and free shipping – or – a BOGO (buy one and get one free) – just about all the time. However, they occasionally run short term special promotions.

Canvas Discount
says, “We are passionate about producing quality canvases to inspire your walls and we back this by our 100% Money-back guarantee.”

CanvasDiscount also offers free shipping on orders over $55.00. That would be covered with two 16×20 canvas prints (at $31+/- each).


I’ll report back after my order(s) is(are) received to see if  my quality standards are met. If not…

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