Snakes in West Fenwick? Sure.

Snakes On A Plane? Just a movie.

Snake in my garage? Yes, the real deal.

Garage Snake.
  • Jill – How long is that thing?! I’m never going back to the beach house again.
  • Jill – Well..ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a little on that last part…
  • Bill – Just a tiny thing. The cabinet measures 22 inches from where the head is to the left edge. So, stretched out, I doubt if it’s much more than 32-36 inches long.
  • Jill – OH MY GOD! EW! What’d you do with it?
  • Bill – I think it wanted a ride on one of the bikes. At least it was headed that way.
  • Jill – Ew! How did it get in?
  • Bill – A broom, and a quick swish (with a bit of lift) and it was G-O-N-E (somewhere) through the open door.
  • Cindy – that harmless little thing?
  • Kathleen –  Don’t kill it!!! They eat mice and bugs and all kings of nasties. That black snake won’t hurt you.
  • Bill – Yup, snakes are cool critters. I would only kill it if it had a diamond-shaped head – because there are some water moccasins around here. In this case I could say she was just “swept” off her feet – but she doesn’t have any. She (or he) ended up somewhere out in the front yard.
  • Jill – LOL. OMG. hahaha

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