To Olloclip or not to Olloclip – that is the question

“So…you’re telling me I should order an Olloclip? I sort of – yeah – kind of – really – get the impression you are impressed with it.” That was my exact response to a friend and colleague who just sent me an email that included her impressions of her new Olloclip.

So, what’s an Olloclip, you ask? A couple people think it’s the holy grail of iPhonography (moniker for iPhone photography). It is an accessory lens “kit” to enhance the superb camera built into your iPhone. You do have an iPhone, right?

There is one drawback, however, as referenced in this quote from her email:

“You’re gonna’ LOVE the little olloclip.  Only problem is that you must remove the case…before slipping on.  I’m going to work on modifying my case today so that I can have both.”

But there are advantages to having additional “lens” capability. So…buy one…? OK – I think I will. But I also want an auxiliary lens that can provide some telephoto effect. However, that will be a whole other item to think about. I do want to play with (explore) the visual impact of some fisheye pix and I do need better close-up capability, which the macro lens should cover.

More thoughts/remarks/observations to come…after I get mine ordered, shipped and received. 🙂

AND: Ordered, received, and photos taken. It’s a handy gadget but not my cup of tea, so to speak.  I need the iPhone for quick takes but need a DSLR for more serious photography.

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