World’s Largest Bat at Louisville Slugger Factory

The World’s Biggest Bat! Made of steel, this bat weighs 68,000 pounds and stands 120-feet tall, towering over the 5-story Louisville Slugger building in downtown Louisville, Kentucky. I was there with three friends on our annual minor league baseball trip. One of the highlights of this trip was our visit to the Louisville Slugger Factory and Museum in July, 2014.

World's Largest Bat at the Louisville Slugger Factory and MuseumLouisville Slugger is likely the most well-known brand in all of baseball land. They have been manufacturing bats for 140 (or so) years and supply bats to players on every major league team. The factory tour was fascinating and I had the opportunity to capture some interesting photographs.

The iconic bat at the entrance to the factory and museum is a scale replica of the 34″ bat used by Babe Ruth, himself. However, as good as The Bambino was, I doubt he would be able to swing this bat – that would be more of a feat for the likes of Paul Bunyan. 🙂

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